Thursday, 22 April 2010

A nice walk home

Got home last night and decided that as it was pleasant outside I would take the kids out for an hour to tire them out before bed. On the way home we stopped off on the green for the kids to play and making sure that I had my camera with me I decided to take a few pics. The picture was edited in Ps2 with a layer removing hue/saturation. Then added noise with gaussain Blur to get finished effect.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Trawling trough some old pictures and came across this shot taken at a private zoo, Santiago Leopard Sanctuary, Hertfordshire. UK. Unfortunately the sanctuary has had to close since the death of it owner and all animals have been housed to various other resting places and breeding programmes. It didn't really strike me just how beautiful nature can be until you can stand ten feet away from an animal as stunning as this and yet I still don't do anything about it. I haven't changed my car to something that is more economical. I still waste far more than I should do in most areas in my life and don't get actively involved in the things that should really matter, i.e saving the planet for my kids, grand kids and great grand kids. And should I decide to pursue a path in conversation would I be able to make a change? I very much doubt it, I think it is time that we all look at what is going on all over the world and take time to vote - vote for change - become more active and learn about what is really going on. These things we need to do - I would love to take my grand kids to the zoo and show them the real thing rather than photos in books or websites.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Second studio shoot

Thursday 15th April and time to head off to Stony Stratford near Milton Keynes for my second only studio shoot. but this time I am so much more nervous as it is to be my first nude shoot and I just wanna make sure that the images are something that both myself and the model will be proud of. Getting there early to break the ice was the plan but unforeseen road works meant I made it to the shoot with 2 minutes to spare. Aimee had brought along her boyfriend, Kevin, as chaperon and to be honest it kinda made things easier. Two hours seemed like no time at all.

Hopefully I will get to work with Aimee again as she is a wonderful girl and a true professional. My portfolio is growing and hopefully turning my hobby into paid assignment will not be to far away.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A tough few weeks

Been a tough few weeks recently, working hard but without much reward, recession making things harder than they need to be. However today I took a much earned early afternoon and headed off home to be with the kids. Noah needed a hair cut and what should have been a pleasant afternoon turned into me feeling down as I shouted at him for moving in the chair and he got all upset. I hate telling the kids off - really hate it, even when they have been naughty, but to tell him off just because I was tired has put a sour end to the day. No amount of apologising to a three year old will do the trick, just gotta make sure that I don't make a habit of it. Still the Motorbike season has began and hopefully I can make it up to him by taking him to see some action and spend some quality time with him. I took this picture just before Christmas of him and can't believe how he is growing.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Days of leisure.

Posted a blog last night when I was too tired and did not notice a small "annoyance" on a photo I was editing. That's the trouble with sitting in front of a PC until 1.30am. So spent the morning removing the offending article (a small "eastern star" - part of the lens flare - on Candice's left cheek). I should have done it before I posted but you know how it is and I just wanted to get the photo "out on show". I didn't realise that it would annoy me more this morning than it did last night - so lesson learnt. Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today!!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

The first tides of spring.

What a difference a little bit of sun makes! Driving to work the other day, sun out, radio on and everything changes, everything feels just that little bit better. Rather than do the customary 2 pints on the way home as a way of unwinding after a heavy day at work, I decided to stop and sit in a field for a few hours and shoot some sheep instead - return home with money still in my wallet and some nice pictures with a feeling that I had actually achieved something was a good sensation - Long live spring and summer!!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

First day back at work and I am shattered, too tired even to make it to the pub. The weather took a turn for the better today, sunshine, something I havent seen in ages. Sadly it has also been a while since I have seen a sunset worthy of any note. This picture was taken on the A4010 from High wycombe to Aylesbury on the 21/07/2008 at 21.11hrs. I was driving home and was lucky to have my camera in the car with me something I often forget to do.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Bank holiday Monday and been editing pics all day - still not happy with the results so I decided to post some pictures of the kids instead taken at Uncle Rob's Wedding Last year. Anya was bridesmaid and little Noah looked fantastic in his waistcoat and new strides.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

My first Wedding shoot!

Helped a friend of mine yesterday take some pictures at his friends wedding. I have spent most of today editing and hopefully photoshop will rescue me on this occasion. As I was the second photographer and it was a favour I might just get away with it! The light was shocking as it was raining, the skies were so dark! We had to abandon the shots outside the wedding and take them later on, around 6pm at the reception when there was even less light. Still they say you learn more from your mistakes than you do from the good. Will post some pictures later but not until I am happy with the final outcome. Until then I will leave you a picture of my daughter Anya. I took this, again in low light, last year on a trip to the park at Bledlow Ridge In Buckinghamshire. The other kids were all playing on various things but Anya had run out of puff and stopped on a bench for a rest. The shot was nice in color but I tried a sepia finish to disguise some color noise and the picture was transformed.

Saturday, 3 April 2010


So here we are - a new begining - I wont go into the logistics of what happened to get me to the place I am now, but everything is fine and I have a happy family life which consists of three kids and a beautiful wife. This blog will document my years left on this planet, the places I travel to and the people I meet along the way. Hopefully the images I leave behind will bring some joy to you and be a lasting memory to those that think I spend most of my time in an armchair.

Later on this afternoon I am off to photograph a friend of a friends wedding - fingers crossed they have a lovely time and I can manage to capture some very happy memories..

I shall leave a small taste of images to come - this was one of the first shots I ever took with a digital camera - hope you like it.