Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Trawling trough some old pictures and came across this shot taken at a private zoo, Santiago Leopard Sanctuary, Hertfordshire. UK. Unfortunately the sanctuary has had to close since the death of it owner and all animals have been housed to various other resting places and breeding programmes. It didn't really strike me just how beautiful nature can be until you can stand ten feet away from an animal as stunning as this and yet I still don't do anything about it. I haven't changed my car to something that is more economical. I still waste far more than I should do in most areas in my life and don't get actively involved in the things that should really matter, i.e saving the planet for my kids, grand kids and great grand kids. And should I decide to pursue a path in conversation would I be able to make a change? I very much doubt it, I think it is time that we all look at what is going on all over the world and take time to vote - vote for change - become more active and learn about what is really going on. These things we need to do - I would love to take my grand kids to the zoo and show them the real thing rather than photos in books or websites.

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