Sunday, 4 April 2010

My first Wedding shoot!

Helped a friend of mine yesterday take some pictures at his friends wedding. I have spent most of today editing and hopefully photoshop will rescue me on this occasion. As I was the second photographer and it was a favour I might just get away with it! The light was shocking as it was raining, the skies were so dark! We had to abandon the shots outside the wedding and take them later on, around 6pm at the reception when there was even less light. Still they say you learn more from your mistakes than you do from the good. Will post some pictures later but not until I am happy with the final outcome. Until then I will leave you a picture of my daughter Anya. I took this, again in low light, last year on a trip to the park at Bledlow Ridge In Buckinghamshire. The other kids were all playing on various things but Anya had run out of puff and stopped on a bench for a rest. The shot was nice in color but I tried a sepia finish to disguise some color noise and the picture was transformed.

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