Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A tough few weeks

Been a tough few weeks recently, working hard but without much reward, recession making things harder than they need to be. However today I took a much earned early afternoon and headed off home to be with the kids. Noah needed a hair cut and what should have been a pleasant afternoon turned into me feeling down as I shouted at him for moving in the chair and he got all upset. I hate telling the kids off - really hate it, even when they have been naughty, but to tell him off just because I was tired has put a sour end to the day. No amount of apologising to a three year old will do the trick, just gotta make sure that I don't make a habit of it. Still the Motorbike season has began and hopefully I can make it up to him by taking him to see some action and spend some quality time with him. I took this picture just before Christmas of him and can't believe how he is growing.

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